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About Our Instructors

Dave Bradley

Dave Bradley - Owner and Instructor

Meet Dave Bradley, a seasoned driver education instructor with over two decades of experience. As a former teacher in the Carlsbad Municipal School District, Dave noticed the need for quality driver education, leading him to establish Bradley School of Driving in 1996.

With a passion for ensuring safety on the roads, Dave emphasizes the importance of proper visual awareness while behind the wheel. His hands-on approach has guided countless teenagers through the complexities of driving, instilling crucial skills beyond just accelerating and braking.

In addition to teaching defensive driving techniques for over twenty years, Dave expanded his services in 2011 to include comprehensive classroom education and behind-the-wheel training. Now retired from traditional teaching, he continues to empower new drivers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the road safely.

Ken Kostedt

Ken Kostedt - Instructor

Meet Ken Kostedt, a dedicated educator with an impressive 28-year tenure in our community. Throughout his career, Ken has shared his expertise across various secondary subjects, with a special focus on Drivers Education.

Since retiring from the high school, Ken's commitment to student development hasn't wavered. He continues to shape young drivers' skills as an instructor at Bradley School of Driving, while also ensuring safe transportation for our high school athletes as a bus driver for the Carlsbad Cavemen sports teams.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ken is deeply engaged in the Carlsbad community, actively contributing to local initiatives. When not teaching or driving our teams to victory, he enjoys traveling and cherishing family time.

Radene Bradley

Radene Bradley - Office Manager

Meet Radene Bradley, the dedicated office manager at Bradley School of Driving. Alongside her role in keeping the office running smoothly, Radene actively assists Dave in providing MVD Testing services to our valued customers.

As a proud Carlsbad native, Radene finds fulfillment in Bradley School of Driving's commitment to giving back to the community through its user-friendly and comprehensive driver education program.

When not immersed in office duties or behind the wheel with students, Dave and Radene relish their time amidst the mountains, surrounded by cherished moments with family, friends, and their lively trio of grandsons.